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Strength Training For The Mind

Reach Your Highest Potential

Greg Poss

Here's what my clients say

"With Greg's program I have learned many tools I will use to get the most out of my next Bundesliga head coaching opportunity. This program makes it more effective and fun to be a coach!"

Jens Rasiejewski

Former Head Coach VfL Bochum,

German Budesliga (Soccer)

"Greg's program has had a significant impact not only by improving my play but in all areas of my life"

Bobby Raymond

Professional Hockey Player

“Greg has been instrumental in making my players more resilient and high performing. He has worked with many of my players from the junior level to the NHL. All have been positively impacted and given mental skills that improved them as hockey players and people.”     

Matt Keator

NHL Player Agent


"I was blown away by how Greg was able to totally change my mindset and understanding in coaching and life. He makes it easy to follow along and understand principles of the mind that we all NEED to take charge of."

Brad Tapper

Head Coach

Iserlohn Roosters

German DEL

"Greg's system provides you with the tools to be prepared for the challenges in golf and life. It builds the foundation necessary to succeed long term and enjoy the entire process!"

Florian Fritsch

Professional Golfer

European Tour

"Greg has created a program that gives you the tools to overcome any situation. Whether it be a competitive situation or just handling the stress of life. You’ll learn how to stop using old thoughts and patterns and start embracing any situation with a clear mindset. These techniques will spark your winning edge and become a part of your everyday Life. It’s helped me be the best version of myself everyday"! 

 Pamela Wascher

Competitive Amateur Golfer

"I’ve been working with Greg and his program for only about three months now. I was someone who played well in casual golf, but would consistently choke in tournaments. Greg’s program has given me specific and concrete tools to get out of my own way mentally and to be able to perform well even in pressure situations. Since starting with Greg, I’ve played in and won four tournaments and advanced through the first two rounds of a season long ladder at my Club. I don’t think it’s a coincidence."

Vicky Hadden

 Competitive Amateur Golfer

“I have struggled in the past with nerves and anxiety in certain tournament situations which hampered my performance. Greg’s  program has helped me understand why this happened and provided tools for me to stay calm, engaged and focused resulting in more enjoyable and successful events.”

Bob Stonikas

Amateur Golfer

Bonita Springs, FL

Greg Poss 

Greg Poss is a mental performance coach with 30 years experience of playing and coaching professional hockey. During these years, Greg noticed that while athletes trained for physical performance, they didn’t necessarily train for the mental side of competition. To bridge this gap, Greg has developed a mental performance program to increase mental toughness for players. Greg's program uses brain training to shift players from lower brain, survival mode, to higher brain, peak performance mode. This program is based on science and has been proven to work not only in sports, but in all aspects of life.